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Easy Steps How to Increase RAM in Android Smartphone

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Easy Steps How to Increase RAM in Android Smartphone - First of all, I need to emphasize that essentially increase the capacity of the internal RAM Android is impossible. Adding RAM capacity in Android does not mean replacing the existing internal RAM. So, example if your Android's internal RAM is only 512MB, you could not ask raised to 1GB and beyond.

Adding RAM in Android principle is to create a virtual memory through several kinds of methods such as File Swap, Swap Partition (Linux Swap), or ZRAM. The function of the virtual memory itself that as 'shadow RAM' that can help the performance of the internal RAM of the foreground and background.

Android Virtual memory should not be made too large because basically the entire process runs still relies on internal RAM. A maximum of 256MB of virtual memory is enough to help multi-tasking system. 1GB of virtual memory will have no effect at all on the performance of Android.

Easy Steps How to Increase RAM in Android Smartphone

The easy steps to increase RAM on your Android smartphone is install Swapper for Root. It can increase the virtual memory to supplement the RAM Android. Swapper for Root does not require a partition on SD Card, but this application uses an external memory space to store the swap file.

  • Make sure your Android is already root
  • Download Swapper for Root (mirror) and install
  • Open Swapper for Root
  • Tick ​​active swap on boot
  • Select SD Card FAT Partition in File Swap Partition
  • Fill value to swap RAM capacity that you want
  • Large capacity RAM depending swap with large free space of external memory
  • Save
  • Wait until the swap file is completed
  • Reboot your Android device
That is!

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